Bookings are required for loan cars with the highest priority given to customers with vehicles which are unable to be driven due to their condition.

Loan cars are complimentary for the following customers:

  • Not at fault customers
  • Fleet customers
  • Repeat customers
  • Referred customers
  • Nova Club members

Free Loan Vehicles*
Fleet of 30 Plus

For all other car customers the following insurance costs apply:

  • All loan vehicles have a one-off insurance fee which is $45.00 plus GST. This fee applies for multiple drivers as long as they are nominated at the time of pick up and covers them for fully comprehensive insurance. Should anyone under 25 years of age or a P Plate driver require a loan vehicle then Nova must be advised at the time of releasing the vehicle.
  • An insurance excess of $1,500 applies if our insurer determines you to be at fault in the event of an incident. Eg, if the loan car is damaged whilst in a car park and the offending party cannot be identified then the excess will apply.
  • The insurance excess can be further reduced to $500 by a further payment of $45.00 plus GST.
  • The insurance excess for drivers under 25 years of age and P Plate drivers is $2,500 and this cannot be reduced.
  • Vehicles must be returned in the same condition and refuelled to the same level prior to returning the vehicle. Please note that there is a $2.50 per litre fuel charge if this is not followed.
  • Please note that no smoking or pets are allowed in the loan vehicles. If the loan car is returned in a dirty or untidy state then a detailing fee of $180 plus GST may apply.

Please click here for more information including Loan Car terms and conditions.

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